COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

As we move into the final half of what has been an incredibly challenging year, our primary focus remains on securing inventory for the supplies you need.

Despite our best efforts, due to continued market shortages, inventory levels on some of the most critical supplies are not where we would like them to be.

The FAQ below provides insight into key information about current and open orders, including extended backorders on high-demand products.


When will my existing PPE order be fulfilled?
Most PPE manufacturers are still not providing shipping commitments for our open orders, making it impossible for us to provide you with an accurate expected ship date. We will continue to fulfill as supply becomes available in the order in which they were received.

As we receive new brands of masks or stock that is not allocated to backorders, we are sending exclusive access emails to those that have existing backorders.

Will you be canceling extremely aged backorders?
We have consistently heard from customers that they would prefer we keep their orders open so they preserve their place in line. As a result, in most instances, orders will remain open. In situations where we learn that a manufacturer has ceased production of a specific product or they have significantly increased prices, we will reach out to notify you that a cancellation will be processed on your open order.

If you would like to cancel your open order at any time, you can do so by contacting our customer care team at or 888.253.1223.

How are you addressing the high demand for infection control products?
We are closely monitoring all orders that include infection control products and have implemented a phased series of restrictions — including limiting who can buy impacted items and instituting maximum order thresholds.  

We are continuing to place maximum orders with our core manufacturers and are actively vetting many leads (over 400 to date) for new sources of critical items.

Protect yourself from black-market goods with tips on how to identify and avoid counterfeit masks and more. Read guidance and/or watch the recorded presentation.

Looking to be notified when in-demand items are in stock?
We have heard consistent feedback from shoppers that coming to the site every day to check the stock of the products they need most was a challenge. With our new In-Stock Alerts, you can now sign up to be notified when high demand products are in stock and available to purchase. Sign up today.

What items are currently restricted?
We have implemented ordering restrictions on face masks, sanitizers, disinfectant solutions and wipes, gowns and face shields, and we are also monitoring orders for gloves and other PPE items.

Who can purchase restricted products?
We are only fulfilling orders for licensed member dentists who are having their items shipped to their practice or primary residence and existing dental laboratories. At this time, we are not fulfilling orders for restricted products on student accounts.

Are there quantity restrictions in place for restricted products?
Yes. We have temporarily stopped accepting orders for the most impacted items. Additionally, we have implemented maximum order quantities on items that are experiencing abnormal spikes in demand.


Product Category Limit
Face masks 20 boxes/week
KN95 & N95 Masks 4 boxes/week
Hand Sanitizers & Hand Soaps 5 items/week
Disinfectant Solutions & Wipes 10 items/week
Thermometers 5 items/week
Bouffant Caps 2 boxes or packs/week
Lab Coats, Jackets & Gowns 2 packs/week
Face Shields 2 boxes/week
Shoe Covers 2 boxes or packs/week


How have delivery times been impacted?
For restricted items, you may experience order processing times that are longer than normal. In some cases, we may be experiencing longer than usual (or even unknown) lead times from our supply partners, which we are doing our best to note on individual product pages. Additionally, advanced order screening may result in a short delay.

Delivery reliability has improved considerably but does continue to present some challenges. Both FedEx and UPS have suspended their service guarantees during the pandemic. Read more on how UPS and FedEx are responding to COVID-19.

We are working closely with these services to ensure they attempt delivery for all packages that leave our warehouse facility. In cases where we do receive a returned package, we will contact you to verify the delivery address and reship as quickly as possible.

My office is currently closed. Can you ship my orders to an alternate address?
Yes, during this unusual time, with the exception of Rx items, we are able to ship to a home address.

Will prices for infection control products be increasing?
We have received price increases from several of our manufacturers and have had to pass these increases along until the market stabilizes.


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