Welcome to our COVID-19 Resource Center

Our primary focus remains on providing you 24/7 access to the supplies you need to create a safe environment for you, your staff and your patients.

Due to continued market shortages and disruption to the supply chain network as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, inventory levels on some of the most critical supplies are still not where we would like them to be. We are working with our manufacturing and supply chain partners, as well as global health organizations including the Pandemic Supply Chain Network, the World Health Organization, the Chinese Ministry of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, to address shortages as they occur.

The FAQ below provides insight into key information about product availability, including backorders and/or cancellations on high-demand products.


Are you accepting backorders?
We are accepting backorders for most of our products, except for specific categories within infection control such as: gloves, surface disinfectants (sprays, liquids, and wipes), and shoe covers. More details on items not accepting backorders and restrictions can be found below.

How are you addressing the high demand for infection control products?
We are closely monitoring all orders that include infection control products and have implemented a series of restrictions — including instituting maximum order thresholds for specific periods of time.

If an order exceeds the maximum order threshold, it will be altered at the time of fulfillment and you will receive notification via email or phone communicating updates to your order.

We are continuously working to clearly communicate and manage order quantities with the intent of providing you a better shopping experience.

What items are currently restricted?
We have implemented ordering restrictions on PPE and infection control products, and we are also monitoring order quantities for gloves.

If an item is currently being restricted, maximum order quantity information can be found on individual products page and you can refer to the guidelines provided below to get additional details.

Who can purchase restricted products?
We are only fulfilling orders for restricted products on licensed member dentists accounts.

How have delivery times been impacted?
For restricted items, you may experience order processing times that are longer than normal. In some cases, we may be experiencing longer than usual (or even unknown) lead times from our supply partners.

Will prices for infection control products be increasing?
Given the disruption to the supply chain caused by the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing cost increases for certain categories of infection control products such as masks, goggles, gloves, among other items. As a result, prices for certain products may increase.

Are there quantity restrictions in place for high demand products?
Yes. We have implemented maximum order quantities on items that are experiencing abnormal spikes in demand.

If an order exceeds the maximum order threshold, it will be altered at the time of fulfillment and you will receive notification via email or phone communicating updates to your order.

Please refer to the list below on a regular basis to learn about the latest product restrictions. We are consistently working on implementing easier ways for you to place orders in alignment with current restrictions policies.

  • 40 boxes of Nitrile or Chloroprene gloves within 7 calendar days from shipment date.

  • Not accepting backorders.
  • 15 pairs, with some exceptions.
  • No time period restriction.
  • Accepting backorders.
  • CaviWipes Large - 24 canisters - 243226-1
  • All others are 3 canisters
  • Customers cannot exceed a combined amount of 12 canisters within 7 calendar days of shipment.

o   CaviWipe codes can be combined to meet the 12 canisters within 7 calendar days of shipment.

  • Not accepting backorders.
  • CaviCide 24oz - unrestricted - 243221-1
  • RTU Hard Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant - unrestricted - 242660-1
  • TB Quat Disinfectant Ready-to-Use Cleaner - unrestricted - 242661-1
  • GE Fight Bac RTU Disinfectant - unrestricted - 242671-1
  • All others - 4 bottles
  • No time period restriction.
  • Not accepting backorders.
  • Case quantities, with some exceptions.
  • Customers cannot exceed the purchase limit within 5 calendar days of shipment.
  • Not accepting backorders.
  • Alcohol
  • Blood Infusion Sets
  • Cold & Flu Items
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • IV Solutions & Extension Sets
  • Masks
  • RX Items
  • Respiratory Items
  • Sterilization Wraps
  • Stethoscopes
  • Thermometers

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