ECO ll

A simple, cost-effective solution to amalgam separation

CDA and TDSC have worked with PureLife to help make capturing and disposing of amalgam waste easy and affordable.

CDA Member Exclusive Price: $99.00* Buy now
MSRP: $499.99
Savings: 80%

*Price requires enrollment in an annual recycling program at a member exclusive price of $249 (MSRP $299)

ECO II amalgam separator benefits:

  • Sophisticated compact design and advanced engineering
  • Convenient and easy to install — no technician required
  • Exceeds ISO standards, achieving 99%+ filtration efficiency 
  • Easy to replace once full; recycling certificates sent automatically 
  • Centrally installed before main vacuum (6 chairs and tandem option for 12)

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The EPA ruling on amalgam
On June 14, 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency mandated specific pretreatment standards for discharges into publicly owned treatment works. This ruling means that most dental practices are required to control amalgam waste through the use of ISO-certified amalgam separators by July 14, 2020. New dental facilities (ownership change not included) that start operations after July 14, 2017, must comply immediately with the rule.

Not sure what this ruling means for your practice? CDA's regulatory compliance experts in Practice Support have answers to your amalgam questions.