Will your practice be in compliance in 2020?

State and federal agencies are charged with regulating dental practices, and it can seem challenging to stay ahead of the latest regulatory compliance processes. As you shop and prepare for the year ahead, it’s critical to be informed of current and new EPA and OSHA regulations that impact you, your office and your dental team.

EPA Standards

By July 14, 2020, most dental practices nationwide are required to control amalgam waste through the use of ISO-certified amalgam separators. The right equipment and best management practices are needed to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s  mandate that specifies pretreatment standards for discharges into publicly owned treatment works.

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OSHA Standards

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration sets and enforces standards that address injury and illness prevention, hazard communication and permissible exposure levels. Protect your team from unnecessary exposure to waste, bloodborne pathogens, radiation and blue light.

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Safety & OSHA Compliance

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