Our Shoppers have saved over $20 Million. How much are you saving?

We did it again! In just about a year, we doubled our shopper savings from $10 million to $20 million.1 Thanks to our supporters we have grown at a rapid pace and the supply savings for members of organized dentistry have grown right along with us.

Shopper Savings Timeline

Shopper Savings

While savings vary depending on products purchased, on average our shoppers are now saving $90.54 per order.2 If purchasing bi-weekly, that would add up to over $9,416 per year!  TDSC.com shoppers are saving anywhere from 19% to 27% in our most popular categories.2

Average Savings of Top Shopped Categories (percentage)

Average Savings of Top Shopper Categories (percentage)

With our newly expanded product offering and access to a vast distribution network, shoppers are enjoying
faster delivery on a wide variety of supplies.

Warehouse Locations

Warehouse Locations

Saving on individual items and seeing savings add up is great, but saving more on supplies that you pay in dues is even better! These top shoppers are finding and enjoying significant savings!

Congratulation to our top savers this past year,

together you have saved over $79,000.3

Shopper State Shopper Since Savings
California Member since 2018 $20,444.87
California Member since 2020 $18,467.86
Hawaii Member since 2020 $13,883.60
Washington Member since 2020 $13,650.00
California Member since 2019 $13,291.73





1 Savings comparison was accurate as of 6.2021. Please consult tdsc.com for up-to-date pricing. Henry Schein Brand products reflect the savings percentages when compared to the top five leading brand products’ MSRP. 2 Savings and shopping statistics are since 2.2017. Excludes PPE. 3 Total amount of savings for all 5 shoppers is based upon purchases made from 5.1.2020 to 5.1.2021. Actual savings on TDSC.com may vary. 4 Offer ends 11:59 PM PT on 7.9.21. Offer subject to change without notice. Excludes Carriere Motion. To be eligible for the promotional offer, recipient must have eligibility to shop on tdsc.com.  Initial discounts of 10% off any single purchase over $750. The initial offer ends 11:59 PM PT on 7.9.21.  After the initial order shopper will receive a coupon code for $75 off the next purchase over $500 in order confirmation email. BounceBack coupon code offer ends 11:59 PM PT on 8.15.21. All dollar amounts are pre-taxes. Participating in a promotional discount program (e.g., points, discount redemptions or other special awards) is only permissible in accordance with discount program rules. By participation in such program, you agree that, to your knowledge, your practice complies with the program requirements. You must fully and accurately report any discounts, rebates or other price reductions (“Discounts”) to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and any other federal or State program upon request by any such program. You must claim the benefit of these discounts in the fiscal year in which the discounts are earned, or the following year. Accordingly, you should retain any documentation, including your invoice or purchase order, of Discounts. It is your responsibility to review any agreements or other documents applicable to these prices to determine if they are subject to any Discounts. Any attempt by any person to use the promotional discount more than the stated number of times by using multiple and/or different identities, email addresses, logins, or any other methods will disqualify that person from the offer. Promotional discounts cannot be substituted, assigned, transferred, or redeemed for cash. Promotional discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.